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Commissioners Approve

Request For Assistant

County Engineer

By Becky Tucker, News Reporter

    The Chilton County Commission met on Tuesday night, February 13. Commissioners Jimmie Hardee and Matthew Mims were absent.

    The County Engineer addressed the commission and asked for approval of the job description for the Assistant County Engineer and to post the position once it is approved. Commissioners approved his request. He also asked approval to submit a letter to ADEM inquiring about the requirements of the Verbena Wastewater Treatment Plant permit. Commissioner Joseph Parnell requested the engineer also be authorized to handle the requirements if possible. Commissioners approved the request.

    Under the Commissioner report section of the meeting, Parnell addressed the commission and said they began the process in 2022 of renewing an existing tax that funds the trade school and industrial development in the county. All the steps necessary have been taken and a date for a special election has to be set by the governor.

    According to Parnell, the county attorney prepared a resolution asking the governor to set the date for the renewal in conjunction with the general election in November. The tax has been in place for sixty years. “Basically it is 30 cents for every $100.00 of assessed value of property,” Parnell said. “Half of that money goes to the trade school and half goes to our rural and industrial development fund.” It funds development, a portion of the Road Department, Sheriff’s Department, and parks and recreation  budgets, among many other things, according to Parnell. The county gets about $1.3 or 1.4 million dollars per year. Commissioners approved a resolution to send the letter to the governor to set a vote date to renew the tax until 2044. Discussion was also given to support the annual Peach Jam in the amount of $500.00, which was approved.

    Commissioner Allen Williams said he had received numerous calls concerning litter along State Highways 145 and 31 in the county.  He asked that Litter Control Officer Libby Ratliff be given guidance as to picking up garbage along the state routes. Commissioner Parnell asked Williams to contact the State Department and see if they could send a crew before they instruct Ratliff to do so. Also, there is the issue of insuring personnel along those roadways.

    Williams also asked the attachments to the meeting agenda be posted on the website with the minutes. Commissioner Joseph Headley said that wasn’t done because it list salaries and personal information in the attachments. Parnell said it was public record and citizens can go to the courthouse and request to see the attachments.

    Discussion was also held in regard to subdivision rules, requested by Williams. Chairman Randell Kelley said they should have some recommendations by the next meeting.  Williams asked if department heads have been doing their evaluations prior to giving raises. A resolution has been passed previously requiring evaluations before approval and he feels it should be done.

    Williams, once again, asked for a resolution to livestream the work sessions and no second was offered. He then asked about a litigation case and was told it had been settled.

    In the consent agenda portion of the meeting, the Sheriff was given permission to surplus two rifles. The Revenue Commissioner was given permission to give pay raises to Michele Headley, Kyle Dennis and Angela Fulmer and hire Jennifer Coburn. In the Commission office, a pay increase was approved for Tabitha Sizemore. Several Road Department requests were granted.

Commission Approves

Rezoning Property

On Highway 31 South

By Becky Tucker, News Reporter

    The City of Clanton Panning Commission held its monthly meeting on Tuesday, February 13.  Minutes from the previous meeting were approved. 

A public hearing was held in regard to rezoning property located at 1209 7th Street South owned by John Manning. He was not present at the meeting, but was represented by a real estate agent. The present zoning is Agricultural District and the request was to rezone to General Business District. The real estate agent stated all the property surrounding the acreage is already zoned commercial and the property is for sale. The plan is to subdivide the property, once it is rezoned, to attract commercial businesses.

    The property sits between where Pizza Hut was located and where the Chilton County News is located. It is also faces Logan Road in the back. The owner of Nathan’s Paint and Body, located on Logan Road, stated he was concerned about what might be built in front of his business. At the present time, his business is visible from Highway 31 and he asked if they would be allowed to build anything  under the power lines which cross in front of his business.

    Gene Martin stated there were guidelines on the distance something could be built from those lines. “You cannot put a structure underneath them,” he said. “You can build a parking lot under them.” The commission approved the rezoning which will now be presented to the City Council on March 25 at 5:00 p.m.

    The next order of business was a building and site plans review for Holley Retail, located at 3010 7th Street North at the Hollywood Gradens location. Owner Joe Holley was present at the meeting and stated the building would be for retail overstocked and closed-out items. 

    The new building will be on the property where a greenhouse was formerly located. Discussion was held about the building and the commission made recommendations in regards to the exterior. They recommended a pitched portico on the front covering a concrete porch, sixteen inch overhang of the roof, and ADA compliance doors. The commission approved the building plans with the changes recommended. 

Clanton Mayor Mims

And City Officials

Seek Grant Money

    Clanton Mayor Jeff Mims recently led a contingent of representatives from the City of Clanton to Washington, D.C. in an effort to secure grant opportunities and other financial assistance for critical infrastructure and other projects.

    Mayor Mims was assisted in this effort by Billy Singleton, Councilman, and Alan Childress, Chairman of the City of Clanton Industrial Development Board.

    The primary purpose of these visits was to request federal funding opportunities for water and sewer upgrades, workforce development training, increase in law enforcement, fire and first response equipment and personnel, and the final stage of the extension of the runway at the Chilton County Airport.

    During the two-day visit, the group met with Senators Katie Boyd Britt and Tommy Tuberville. Meetings were also scheduled with Representatives Mike Rogers and Robert Aderholt, as well as, with the Federal Aviation Administration Associate Administrator for Airports. 

    “The discussions with our elected representatives were very productive and beneficial,” Mayor Mims said.  He feels the ability to meet in person with these officials to discuss issues involving the city and county is necessary and invaluable.

    These meetings play a key role in being able to secure federal funding to meet the needs of the city and its citizens.

    The next step in the process will be the submission of requests and the required documentation to the offices of Senators Britt and Tuberville and Representative Mike Rogers.

    Mayor Jeff Mims anticipates being advised of potential grant or funding awards later this summer.

Story Hour

At Jemison

    February programs for the Jemison Public Library have been announced. Story Hour continues at Jemison City Hall on Wednesdays from 10:00 until 11:00 a.m. Preschool age children are invited to attend weekly for crafts, snacks and stories with Tammie McGriff.

    Jemison Crafters meet every Tuesday at Studio J from 1:00 until 3:00 p.m. This group gathers weekly to craft just about anything. They welcome new ideas and new faces. There is always fun and laughter involved. Studio J is located across the street from the Library.

December 8, 2023 -- Some video from the Clanton Christmas Parade. Signature Studio Of Dance captured First Place in the Float competition. The Isabella Minor Cheerleaders were second and The Stange Family came in third.

Changes Announced

For Annual Peach Jam

    Changes in the dates of the annual Peach Jam Jubilee have been announced by representatives from the City of Clanton, the Chilton County Chamber of Commerce, the Clanton Lion’s Club, and the City of Clanton Arts Council. Scheduled for June Friday, June 7, and Saturday, June 8, 2024, the Peach Jam Jubilee, expanded to a two day event, will be the first of a series of happenings planned for the Chilton County Peach Festival.  

    In keeping with tradition, the Peach Festival parade and auction will held on June 29, 2024, the last Saturday of the month. The Peach Queen Pageants, the Peach Run, and multiple events at Clanton Corner Park will be scheduled throughout the month of June. The community will celebrate its most famous agricultural product, along with the farmers who produce Chilton County’s famous fruit, during this time. 

    The Friday night portion of Peach Jam will include a gospel music theme from the stage in Ollie Park. The Saturday main event will be headlined by a major country music recording artist complimented by a very popular rock and roll tribute band.

    The Peach Jam Jubilee will also feature local “Chilton’s Got Talent” performances for finalists selected during preliminary competitions. Leading up to the musical portion of the Peach Jam Jubilee, the Chilton County Chamber of Commerce will sponsor more than 150 arts and crafts and other vendors in Ollie Park. The venue will include a Farmer’s Market and numerous food options.

    Additional information on the events will be provided in the next weeks and months.

Clanton Fire



January 22, 2024

2000 Block Lay Dam Road-Assault

1400 Block Enterprise Road-Chest Pain

2000 Block Yellowleaf Road-Difficulty Breathing

2100 Block 7th Street South-Abdominal Pain

4000 Block industrial Park Drive-General Illness

200 Block 15th Street South-Fire Alarm

1200 Block 7th Street South-Burn Injury

2200 Block 7th Street South-Motor Vehicle Accident

1600 Block 7th Street South-Seizure

2800 Block 7th Street North-Fall

100 Block Crestview Drive-Bleeding Non-Traumatic

500 Block Enterprise Road-Brush Fire

5200 Block County Road 41-Difficulty Breathing

2500 Block McDowell Road-General Illness

January 23, 2024

800 Block Bradberry Lane-Altered Mental Status

7th Street North and Smitherman Drive-Altered Mental Status

2500 Block 7th Street South-Abdominal Pain

1400 Block 7th Street South-Fire Alarm

3000 Block 7th Street North-Fall

100 Block Thompson Avenue-Public Assist

100 Block Thompson Avenue-Fall

700 Block 8th Street North-Stroke

100 Block Avalon Way-Police Matter

400 Block Inverness Drive-Fall

1500 Block Westlyn Avenue-Difficulty Breathing

700 Block Studdard Drive-General Illness

1500 Block Westlyn Avenue-Public Assist

20 Block Park Drive South-Public Assist

January 24, 2024

200 Block Health Center Drive-Chest Pain

1100 Block Lay Dam Road-General Illness

1400 Block 7th Street South-Seizure

200 Block Health Center Drive-Cardiac Arrest

2000 Block 2nd Avenue North-Seizure

1100 Block Lay Dam Road-Chest Pain

200 Block 1st Street North-Difficulty Breathing

January 25, 2024

300 Block Medical Center Drive-Difficulty Breathing

100 Block Laverne Avenue-Electrical Fire

1200 Block 7th Street South-Difficulty Breathing

400 Block Kendal Estates Place-General Illness

I65 207 Mile Marker North Bound-Motor Vehicle Accident

1500 Block Westlyn Avenue=Public Assist

100 Block Crestview Drive-Public Assist

January 26, 2024

300 Block Parrish Avenue-General Illness

2100 Block 7th Street South-Motor Vehicle Accident

300 Block Parrish Avenue-Public Assist

1400 Block 4th Avenue South-General Illness

800 Block Pine Needle Lane-Medical Alarm

1000 Block Rollan Street-Stroke

100 Block Shennandoah Drive-Fall

300 Block 3rd Avenue South-Fall

500 Block 7th Street South-Motor Vehicle Accident

January 27, 2024

900 Block Dandy Lane-Difficulty Breathing

1000 Block Airport Road-Public Assist

200 Block Mae Street-Electrical Fire

January 28, 2024 

1600 Block Mt. Pleasant Road-General Illness

300 Block Medical Center Drive-Difficulty Breathing 

I65 206 Mile Marker North Bound-Motor Vehicle Accident

January 29, 2024

500 Block Cobblestone Circle-Public Assist

100 Block Courtney Trailer Park-Overdose

600 Block 2nd Avenue North-General Illness

1600 Block Mt. Pleasant Road-Fall

1200 Block 7th Street South-False Alarm

100 Block Creekwood Circle-General Illness

800 Block Ashley Court-Chest Pain

January 30, 2024

2800 Block 7th Street North-Fall

100 Block Park Drive North-Fall

100 Block Lilla Avenue-Diabetic Emergency

1400 Block Gatepost Road-Overdose

3400 Block Highway 145-Structure Fire

1400 Block 7th Street South-Motor Vehicle Accident

100 Block Mims Circle-Fire Alarm

January 31, 2024

1500 Block Westlyn Avenue-Difficulty Breathing

300 Block Medical Center Drive-Difficulty Breathing

100 Block Peachtree Lane-Seizure

300 Block Smtih Street-Difficulty Breathing 

400 Block 17th Street North-General Illness

1500 Block Westlyn Avenue-Public Assist

1500 Block Lay Dam Road-General Illness

900 Block Dandy Lane-Difficulty Breathing

300 Block Medical Center Drive-Difficulty Breathing

1500 Block Westlyn Avenue-Public Assist

February 1, 2024

2500 Block 7th Street South-Chest Pain

2900 Block 7th Street North-Seizure

300 Block Medical Center Drive-Stroke

900 Block Wilson Road-Public Assist

February 2, 2024

400 Block Inverness Drive-Altered Mental Status

2nd Avenue North and 7th Street-Motor Vehicle Accident

200 Block Cobblestone Drive-Medical Alarm

300 Block 7th Street North-General Illness

February 3, 2024

1500 Block Westlyn Avenue-Difficulty Breathing

1200 Block 7th Street South-Syncope

20 Block Crest Loop Road-Difficulty Breathing

2200 Block Temple Road-Fall

200 Block Buck Circle-Fall

2200 Block 7th Street South-Difficulty Breathing 

February 4, 2024

400 Block Thrash Road-Fall

300 Block Medical Center Drive-General Illness

1000 Block Cobblestone Drive-Fall

700 Block Studdard Drive-General Illness

1500 Block Westlyn Avenue-Fall

1500 Block Westlyn Avenue-General Illness

2200 Block 7th Street North-Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle

February 5, 2024

800 Block 17th Avenue North-Difficulty Breathing

900 Block 8th Street North-Blood Pressure Check

2800 Block Yellowleaf Road-Motor Vehicle Accident

200 Block Health Center Drive-Chest Pain

200 Block Health Center Drive-General Illness

100 Block Park Drive North-General Illness

100 Block Arthur Drive-General Illness

February 6, 2024

800 Block Ashley Court-Difficulty Breathing

1100 Block Duren Road-Altered Mental Status

600 Block 2nd Avenue-Fire Alarm

1100 Block Lay Dam Road-General Illness

300 Block Hinkle Road-Motor Vehicle Accident

1000 Block Lay Dam Road-Diabetic Emergency

2500 Block 7th Street South-Assault

February 7, 2024 

2100 Block 7th Street North-General Illness

100 Block Health Center Drive-Chest Pain

700 Block Tippett Street-Abdominal Pain

800 Block Ashley Court-Overdose

2300 Block 7th Street South-Altered Mental Status  



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